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Tentative Priority List

Here are the most noteworthy priorities in our development of GanttPV. If you have any suggestions for improvements to GanttPV or would like to see the priorities changed, please post your comments at the Developing GanttPV forum.

---- Changes completed for version 0.7 ----
More attractive time-scale headings Program Complete Alexander
Support for translating menus into languages Program Complete Brian
Import MS Project files Script Complete Brian
---- Items that have not been completed ----
GanttPV Server Program Beta-testing Brian
Update the online documentation Website Pending  
Move rows by dragging Program Pending Brian
Keep a history of work week changes Program Pending Alexander
Merge certain frequently-used scripts into the main program Program Pending  
Commitment tracking (Save plan to base) Script Pending  
Deliverable tracking Script Pending  
More bar types (Actual, Base, ES to LF). More bar options (Percent Complete sub-bar). Program Pending  
Define a selection list of values for a column (pick list in grid cell) Program Pending  
Edit True/False entry Program Pending  
Make deletion deep instead of shallow Program Pending  
---- Changes completed for version 0.6 ----
Change print script to display duration units (weeks and days), and month and quarter time scales. Script Complete Alexander
Fix move row to handle multi-table reports safely Program Complete Alexander
Double-click file to open it (Macintosh) Installation Complete Alexander
---- Changes completed for version 0.5 ----
Open Window menu (select report window from list) Program Complete Alexander
Multiple level in script menu Program Complete Alexander
If multiple tasks selected, chain them Program Complete Brian
Unlink selected tasks Script Complete Brian
Change html export script to display duration units (weeks and days). Script Complete Brian
Open file and scripts from command line Program Complete Alexander
---- Changes completed for version 0.4 ----
Add time scale for months Program Complete Brian
Allow other units for Duration (previously only hours) Program Complete Brian
Critical path tracking Script Complete Brian
Resource commitment reporting. Program Complete Brian
---- Changes completed for scripts release 050104 ----
Earned Value tracking Script & Program 041121 Brian
Track actual time per period per person (time scale entry). Script & Program 041126 Brian
---- Changes completed for version 0.3 ----
Add time scale for weeks Program 041126 Brian
Support week time scale for gantt reports Script & Program 041203 Brian
---- Changes completed for scripts release 041117 ----
Follow Up item tracking Script & Program 041113 Brian
---- Changes completed for version 0.2 ----
Print Reports Script 040807 Alexander
Show Project Name and Report Name in report window title Program 040906 Brian
Allow more report types to be under a project (like the Task reports). Program 040914 Brian
Ignore invalid dates Program 040928 Alexander
Edit date entry. Allow default of year and month. Program 041009 Alexander