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Main window overview

The Main or Project/Report window is the first one you see when you open GanttPV. You will automatically exit GanttPV when the Main window is closed. It is your Project/Report control center. Use this window to create new projects, create new reports. and to open report windows. Double click a report to open it or select it and press "Enter".

There are two main types of reports. Reports that apply to all projects (for example, holiday or resource reports) and reports that are linked to a specific project (usually task or gantt chart reports). The "All Project" reports are grouped under a special project called "All Projects" (unless it has been renamed -- it can always be recognized by its project ID of "1").

Main window buttons

New Project Creates a new project and inserts it into the list of projects and reports.
New Report Adds one or more reports to the selected project. A window will appear, listing the available report types. Select the report types you wish to add and press "OK." Additional report types can be added to the list by running install scripts.
Duplicate Duplicates the project or report that is selected. The special "All Projects" project can't be duplicated.
Delete Row Flags the selected project or report as "deleted". (When deleting a project on version 0.5 or earlier, be sure to also delete all of its reports.) If you select a deleted row you can use this button to reactivate it.
Show Hidden Allows you to see rows that are normally hidden (including deleted rows).
Move Up Moves selected row up.
Move Down Moves selected row down.