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Menu overview

The following are the menu items:

  • File
    • New - Create an empty GanttPV file.
    • Open - Open an existing GanttPV file.
    • Save - Save the current GanttPV file.
    • Save As - Save the current GanttPV file under a new name.
    • Automatically Save On Quit - If not checked, GanttPV will ask when you quit whether to save the current file.
    • Revert to Last Saved - Reverts the file to the last saved version.
    • Revert to Last Opened - Undoes all changes made to the file since it was last opened.
    • (Printing and exporting as HTML are provided as scripts.)
  • Edit
    • Undo - Undo the most recent command.
    • Redo - Reverse the most recent undo.
  • Script
    • Choose Scripts Folder - Select a Scripts folder and list the scripts in the lower part of this menu.
    • Refresh Script Menu - Refresh the list of scripts.
    • list of scripts - Select a script to run it.
  • Window
    • list of windows - Select a window to bring it to the front.
  • Help
    • Quick Start - Basic information to help you get started with GanttPV.
    • Short Cuts - Provides a list of menu shortcuts.
    • GanttPV Home - Opens browser to the GanttPV home page where you can discover the current status of GanttPV.
    • Help - Opens browser to the help section of the GanttPV web site.
    • Forum - Opens browser to the GanttPV forum (hosted by Simple Project Management) where you can ask questions and share comments with other GanttPV users.
    • About GanttPV - Opens window that identifies creators of GanttPV.