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Print & Export

Printing and exporting are provided by scripts. These scripts will work on any grid report. The printing script will also work on the main window.

On Windows, select the script from the window of the report you wish to export. On the Mac, make sure that the target report window is in front.

Print Report

The print script includes the most commonly needed print features.


  • Select portrait or landscape printing from the page setup.
  • Specify a scale factor.
  • Examine pages as they will be printed in print preview.
  • Supports all column types, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly gantt charts.

Known bugs

  • (Macintosh only) Doesn't remember changed paper sizes.
  • (Windows only) Doesn't support non-standard paper sizes.

Export as HTML

HTML Export is a valuable aid for sharing project schedule, schedule status, and other reports with the rest of the team.

View a sample HTML chart.


  • Supports weekly, monthly and quarterly gantt charts.
  • Task completion will be shown in a different color if you specify the percent complete (see the "Install Percent Complete" script).
  • HTML Export files can be read directly into MS Excel.
  • Flag in script can be set to prevent wrap of text in cells.
  • Flag in script can be set to export native Lithuanian characters.