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GanttPV v0.12j Beta Release - October 12, 2012

A new release of GanttPV is available for interested Beta users. Highlights include:
  • Dependency arrows on Gantt charts.
  • Zero hour duration tasks.
  • Improved resource leveling.
  • Multi-line comment fields.
  • Many other changes.

Please contact us if you would like to try the GanttPV version 0.12j beta release (

GanttPV v0.11 Released - March 26, 2009

A new release of GanttPV is available. Highlights include:
  • New relational table diagrams.
  • "Edit Record" script displays the currently selected row as a form.
  • "Rmap" script uses your ORM data to generate a relational table diagram.
  • "Generate SQL" script generates the SQL commands to build a database.
  • "Open Python Editor" script is designed to edit GanttPV scripts.
  • "Open Python Shell" script allows you to interactively run Python commands inside of GanttPV. Great for working through the scripting tutorial.

New Book: Managing Projects with GanttPV

This new book provides the information you must have to write export and import scripts and to define new report types for GanttPV. It provides detailed examples and a diagram showing the GanttPV data model. It comes as a PDF file. See the table of contents for more information.

New: GanttPV v0.10 Officially Released!

New features:

  • Added support for Object Role Modeling.
  • Added more gantt chart bars: completion, base, and actual.
  • Added search box to dependency and assignment dialogs. Also included first names in assignment dialog.
  • Added shortcuts for the Script menu to the main program.

New scripts:

  • One Task Per Resource adds resource dependencies to prevent overbooking of resources.
  • Custom Colors and Sizes to customize GanttPV's appearance. Increasing the column label size fixes the invisible date problem encountered on some machines.

Bug fixes:

  • Foreign characters for HTML export.
  • Tweaked allocation of effort hours.

New: GanttPV v0.9 Officially Released!

New this release:

  • supports export of unicode characters in HTML export
  • adds new Export Database as XML script (plus some sample xslt transforms that work on the xml export)
  • allows setting multiple tasks as child tasks at the same time
  • uses Alex's GanttPV icon for the program on Windows

Bug fixes:

  • fixes the disappearing scroll bar problem (on windows)
  • fixes the missing dll problem some users have reported (on windows)
  • fixes the disappearing names in assigned resources display (when the names contain non-ascii characters) (on windows)

New XML Export Script is now available

The script is available from SVN repository. Save the file from this link: Export Database as XML and move it into your scripts folder. See the documentation for more details. Please contact us if you have questions.

New GanttPV Server beta '0.1a' is now available

Includes many fixes and improvements, including an option to turn off security (for internal networks). This release focuses on refactoring code and improving reliability (the number of unit tests has been more than doubled). Please contact us if you would like to try out the new release.

GanttPV v0.8 now available.

New features and improvements include: define your own custom column types, improved copy and paste (now a flexible and easy way to import and export data), repeat previous script, set plan bar color by float or dependency, fractional durations, improved menu layouts, more keyboard shortcuts, and expanded quick start documentation.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the beta testing.