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Paste Cells from Clipboard


in v0.8


Pastes data into grid report cells. If multiple rows of data are pasted into the last row of the report, enough new rows are added to the report to accomodate all of the data.

This script has become obsolete; use the Paste command from the Edit menu instead.

How to Use

Useful when importing tasks or resource.

  1. Make sure the columns in the source material match the sequence and type of columns in the grid report.
  2. Select tasks from word processor or spreadsheet.
  3. Add a new row at the end of the report.
  4. Paste the data into the last row. Enough new rows will be added to accomodate all of the data.
The script will will only paste into editable cells.


This has become the easiest and most versatile method of importing data into GanttPV.