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Export Database as XML


Beta (in svn)


Exports all tables from database in XML format.

How to Use

Hierarchy is:

Database date="08-02-25" time="14:32"  # date, time = export date/time
..table name="Assignment"  # name = table name (e.g. Project, Task, Resource)
...columns  # includes only columns that appear in this table export
....column  # contains the name of one column
...rows  # includes all or the non-deleted rows in table
....row id="1"  # id = ID of row (if server in use: id may change when row shared with server)
....ID  # contains the record's id number (redundant, but useful in xslt programming)
....ResourceID  # these will be a subset of the columns listed above (with a few exceptions)
.tablealiases  # table aliases are used to translate some foreign key names to table names
..alias name="Prerequisite"  # contains the table name to which the alias referes