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Scripts overview

New features for GanttPV are most often introduced as scripts. The scripts list describes all of the current scripts and what they do. The version number of a script shows the year/month/day when it was lasted changed. Periodically a new scripts release is created. A scripts release contains the latest versions of all of the scripts as of the release date. You can either download individual scripts (using the script's File link) or the most recent scripts release (using the scripts link in the Download GanttPV area to the right).

New and revised scripts

How to install a scripts release?

  1. Review the script descriptions on this page
  2. Download the scripts release from the Download GanttPV section.
  3. Make a backup copy of your current "Scripts" folder.
  4. Copy all of the files from the scripts release into your "Scripts" folder.
  5. Try the new scripts. (Be sure to backup your data first, just in case :)
  6. If you had changed some of the scripts, integrate your changes into the new scripts. Either:
    • replace the changed script with your version,
    • insert your changes into the new script, or
    • if you decide to keep both, rename your old script and move it back into the "Scripts" folder.
  7. Post any questions or comments on scripts into the GanttPV forum.
    • You may wish to register in the forum. Registration will reserve the name you chose and allow you to edit your posts.
    • If you decide not to register, you may still make posts in your name. When you have the post ready to add, just enter your name and leave the password field blank.