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You can help

  • Share GanttPV with your friends and colleagues.
  • Make suggestions for improvements in the GanttPV Forum.
  • Make a cash donation
    To make a donation via PayPal, click this button. It will take you to a page where you may specify the amount of the donation. Many thanks!
  • Donate an old Windows or Linux machine for GanttPV development and testing.
  • Send an email to tell us that you appreciate our efforts.

Programmers can help, too

The fact that GanttPV is open source means that anyone with the skills can contribute to improving the tool for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, for many open source projects, the development tools and technical knowledge required are large barriers to making a contribution. GanttPV lowers barriers and eases entry into the world of participation by allowing features to be added via scripts.

GanttPV scripts are written in the Python programming language. Don't be concerned if you don't already know python. It is easy to learn. Many programmers report that they were able to pick up the basics of the langauge in an afternoon. The tutorial at is a good place to start.

Read some of the scripts for examples. Look at the developer pages on this site. When you have questions, ask us. We will be glad to help.